The History of Garage Doors

The History of Garage Doors

Did you know that the common garage door has quite the historical background? From carriages to the introduction of cars, the garage door has been a modern necessity for far over 100 years. In fact, the first known existence of garage doors occurred all the way back in 450 BC, when chariots were stored in gatehouses.

Carriage Houses

Before the invention of the car, humans traveled via horse and carriage. Naturally, they needed an area to store their carriages as well as horses and equipment. When automobiles came into existence, this invention too needed a place to be stored and out of the way of natural elements. First, people decided to store their cars next to their horses and carriage equipment. However, the lovely stench of horse manure and other odors did not seem ideal for a car. Thus, the parking garage was created.

The Introduction of Parking Garages

Large garages were created to fit around 100 cars at a time. These garages were kept heated and were priced around $15 per month. This plan was great, until the ownership of automobiles skyrocketed and the need for personal garages became evident.

The word, garage, actually is derived from the French word garer meaning to shelter or protect. Naturally, that is what these buildings did – shelter our precious cars from the natural elements and other hazards. These buildings almost resembled glorified sheds or barns, as individuals used the double doors to enter and retrieve their vehicle. However, once snow or other elements became in the way, it was difficult to access the vehicle without shoveling or eliminating the intrusion.

Over time the garage door evolved to what it is today. With multiple styles and uses, the garage door is a timeless invention with a multitude of possibilities. Should you need assistance with your garage door in Middle Tennessee, or you are looking for a brand new garage door to be installed on your home or business garage, give Superior Overhead Door a call or contact us today.