Entertain Your Family and Friends With a Garage Party!

Entertain Your Family and Friends With a Garage Party!


Did you know that garages can be used for activities other than storing old items and a place for your vehicle? In fact, garage parties with family and friends are all the rage! All you have to do is clean and organize your garage, set it up for your party and you’re all set to go.

Why Should I Host A Garage Party?

Everyone loves a fun party! But parties in your living room, kitchen or patio can get old after a while. When you choose to host the party in your garage, you’ll notice just how much fun your family and friends are having.

Garages are spacious and offer room for dancing, games, hanging out with friends, catering opportunities and so much more. Plus, with all that space, you’ll have enough room to put up as many decorations as you want! For instance, try hosting your next Halloween party in the garage and turn it into a haunted house with all the space you have for decorations.

What You’ll Need For Your Garage Party

In order to host an exciting garage party, you’ll first need to decide whether or not you want your garage door to be open or closed. Depending on the season, having the garage door open will expand the party to the driveway and add a nice breeze. If your party is in the winter, be sure to close the garage door and add any space heaters if necessary.

Remember to have plenty of food for your guests to enjoy. Whether you choose to have your event assisted by a professional catering company or supply the food yourself, the food options will be a prime focus of your party!

Don’t forget to add music too. Try and find a type of music that adds to the ambiance of the party and doesn’t distract your guests.

Need a New Garage Door?

Is your garage door damaged or beyond repair? You can’t throw a garage party with an old and dirty garage door. Let Superior Overhead Doors replace or repair your garage door so you can host an awesome garage party!

Make Sure Your Garage Door Works Properly This Winter!

Make Sure Your Garage Door Works Properly This Winter!


Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way. With the chilly winds and the potential for crazy snow and ice, not many people enjoy the winter season. Your garage door doesn’t enjoy the winter either! If you’d like your garage door to work properly all winter long, use these maintenance tips to ensure that you don’t run into costly repairs during the chilly months.

Inspect and Clean Your Garage Door Before The Snow and Ice Arrive

If you know that a snowstorm is on its way, start preparing your garage door ahead of time. By eliminating any signs of dirt, grease, and debris on or around your door, you are reducing the chance that something detrimental will occur to your door as a result of the storm.

In addition, be sure to thoroughly and safely inspect your garage door for any signs of existing damage. This will give you time to have this damage fixed prior to the storm arriving! Plus, you can also know what harm was caused as a result of the storm and what damage was already in existence.

Clear a Pathway In Front of Your Garage

If it does happen to snow, be sure to shovel all snow in front of your garage and place it away from the door. You don’t want the snow to pile up and freeze in front of your garage door! If that occurs, you’ll have a difficult time getting in and out of your Middle Tennessee home.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate Your Garage Door

With the chilly months, it is common for garage doors and the various parts to freeze up. After you have cleaned your garage door, be sure to buy a garage door lubricant product recommended by the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors, and lubricate the rollers, hinges, tracks and other extra parts. You don’t want your garage door to freeze, rust and/or break this winter!

Have questions about how to take care of your garage door during the cold winter season? The team at Superior Overhead Doors can help!

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

One of the most common garage door problems occurs when the door does not close upon command. Whether you’re rushing to work or leaving the house for the vacation you saved up for, these problems seem to always occur right when we least expect it. After pushing the button to no avail, try these troubleshooting tips when your garage door will not close.

Check Your Opener Remote

Many of us have garage door openers that travel with us in the car. It is quite possible that the sensor or batteries have worn out. First check to see that the batteries inside your garage door opener are not dead. If so, replace them as soon as possible.

Double Check Your Sensors

At the bottom of your garage door, near the floor are sensors. If the two sensors are not aligned with one another, they will refuse to close your door (for safety reasons). Sensors can be pushed out of alignment due to children running, overcrowding in your garage or simple mistakes such as a lawnmower hitting it by accident. Be sure to ensure that these sensors are aligned, out of the direct sunlight when the door is open, are clear of dirt and debris, and are not blocked. If your garage door will still not close, it is time to call a professional.

Trust the Professional

If all else fails, do not try to tinker with the opening system. Messing around with your system could lead to more damage and your wallet will not thank you. Call your local garage door professionals to take care of a thorough inspection and repair. There could be deeper problems with the wiring, system, or other element. The professionals are trained in safety practices, troubleshooting, opening systems and the skills needed to fix your garage door in no time.

If your garage door is not closing, give the experts at Superior Overhead Doors a call!

4 Signs That Your Garage Door is Telling You it Needs to be Repaired

4 Signs that your garage door is telling you it needs to be repaired.

Has your garage door been acting funky lately? If so, it’s probably trying to tell you that something is wrong. You’ve tried replacing the battery in your garage door opener and using it a bit closer to the garage, and yet the door still acts up or does not work properly. Well my friend, your door is probably trying to tell you that it’s time for some repairs. Check out these easily recognizable signs that your garage door needs to be repaired.

1. It won’t close or open.

This is the most blatant sign that your garage door needs to be inspected and repaired as soon as possible. The root of the problem could be caused by a variety of reasons – faulty wiring, misaligned sensors and more. Before you call a professional garage door repair service, be sure to double check that nothing is in the way of the sensors or blocking the door. Sometimes if a box or item is in the way of the sensors, your door will not open. However, if your door is clear of obstructions and still won’t open, be sure to call your garage door repair technician pronto!

2. Door is off the tracks

If your door is visibly off its tracks, it can cause your door to malfunction and become stuck. This tends to happen to old garage doors or doors that have sustained damage over the years. There is not much that you can do from home to alleviate this situation, as it may require specific parts and other necessary equipment. When this occurs, your best bet is to call an expert garage door technician.

3. Slow Response Time.

When your garage door seems to be taking its sweet time opening and closing, there may be a problem. If you notice any delays, hiccups, or your garage door seems to be opening and closing slower than usual, your best bet is to contact a professional. When this sort of malfunction happens to your door, there could be any number of problems occurring. Save yourself the money and let an expert take care of a slow garage door.

4. Old/Worn Out

Do you know how long your garage door has been in use? If it has been on your home or building for quite some time, and has encountered a bit of damage over the years, it could need to be repaired simply for old age. Just like any other machine, over time the effectiveness and performance of the machine begins to decline. A garage door repair technician can assess your situation and help you whether or not you should repair or replace your old garage door.

For the most part, unless you have extensive garage door repair training, it is difficult to fix garage doors on your own. If your garage door is exhibiting any of these signs, it means that it’s time for you to call your local garage door company and schedule a consultation appointment. Superior Overhead Doors can help you with all of your garage door needs. Give us a call at 615-867-1163 when your garage door begins to act up.