3 Ways to Transform Your Garage

3 Ways to Transform Your Garage


Commonly, the garage is used for either parking the car or storing household items. However, there’s so much you can do with your garage! Try turning your garage into one of these functional options.

Game Room

Looking for a place for your friends and family to hang out and have a little friendly competition? Turn your spacious garage into a game room! Adding a billiards table, a place for the latest gaming systems and entertainment options, and whatever game options you desire, will turn your garage from boring to exciting in no time.

An In-Home Gym

Gyms around the Middle Tennessee area can get expensive. Instead of spending money on a monthly gym membership, install cardio and weight machines in your garage along with free weights. To capitalize on your in-home gym, be sure to remodel the inside of your garage to best suit your exercise needs and goals. For instance, you can add mirrors along one wall of your garage. These mirrors will help you work on your form and visualize your health and fitness progress!

An Extra Bedroom

If you constantly have guests staying over at your home for extended periods of time, you can transform your garage into a spacious guest room. When renovating your garage choose flooring and other materials that are designed keep heat in, and choose interior design trends that make your garage appear larger than reality.  

Choose the Perfect Garage Door

When you’re transforming your garage into a brand new room, keep in mind that the type of garage door you choose will have an affect on the atmosphere and design of your room. Superior Overhead Doors offers a wide variety of garage door styles, brands and products for you to use. Contact us to learn more about our garage door selection and to start transforming your garage today.

Entertain Your Family and Friends With a Garage Party!

Entertain Your Family and Friends With a Garage Party!


Did you know that garages can be used for activities other than storing old items and a place for your vehicle? In fact, garage parties with family and friends are all the rage! All you have to do is clean and organize your garage, set it up for your party and you’re all set to go.

Why Should I Host A Garage Party?

Everyone loves a fun party! But parties in your living room, kitchen or patio can get old after a while. When you choose to host the party in your garage, you’ll notice just how much fun your family and friends are having.

Garages are spacious and offer room for dancing, games, hanging out with friends, catering opportunities and so much more. Plus, with all that space, you’ll have enough room to put up as many decorations as you want! For instance, try hosting your next Halloween party in the garage and turn it into a haunted house with all the space you have for decorations.

What You’ll Need For Your Garage Party

In order to host an exciting garage party, you’ll first need to decide whether or not you want your garage door to be open or closed. Depending on the season, having the garage door open will expand the party to the driveway and add a nice breeze. If your party is in the winter, be sure to close the garage door and add any space heaters if necessary.

Remember to have plenty of food for your guests to enjoy. Whether you choose to have your event assisted by a professional catering company or supply the food yourself, the food options will be a prime focus of your party!

Don’t forget to add music too. Try and find a type of music that adds to the ambiance of the party and doesn’t distract your guests.

Need a New Garage Door?

Is your garage door damaged or beyond repair? You can’t throw a garage party with an old and dirty garage door. Let Superior Overhead Doors replace or repair your garage door so you can host an awesome garage party!

Should You Have a Unique Garage Door Design?

Should You Have a Unique Garage Door Design?

Many homeowners bypass thinking about their garage door. But did you know that a unique garage door design can actually improve the value of your home in the long run? Those looking to buy a home are beginning to take the quality and design of a garage door into consideration prior to putting an offer down on a home. If your garage door looks like it barely survived a storm or was created back in the ancient times, perhaps it is time to completely replace your current door with a unique and stunning garage door design.

Modern Garage Door Style

If your home has had the same exact garage door and design since the original owners moved in, you absolutely need to update your garage door. Many homeowners are choosing a modern appearance to not only protect their home from weather elements and store their vehicles, but also attract potential homebuyers.


Rustic Is In Too

Did you know that you can have a gorgeous, rustic looking garage door, and have the superior quality of a new garage door? This garage door design by Amarr does exactly that. Your home and items will be protected and your garage door appearance will be absolutely jaw dropping.


How About Something Completely Unique?

In addition to rustic, classic and modern designs, you can try adding a completely unique design to your garage door. Whether you opt for a garage door art appearance, or a contemporary and sharp look such as this design by Amarr, your garage door will be drawing in potential homebuyers from all over.


If you’d like to add any of these unique garage door designs to your Murfreesboro home, give the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors a call! We can help you install, replace and even repair your garage door. Contact us today by calling 615.394.6670.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Works Properly This Winter!

Make Sure Your Garage Door Works Properly This Winter!


Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way. With the chilly winds and the potential for crazy snow and ice, not many people enjoy the winter season. Your garage door doesn’t enjoy the winter either! If you’d like your garage door to work properly all winter long, use these maintenance tips to ensure that you don’t run into costly repairs during the chilly months.

Inspect and Clean Your Garage Door Before The Snow and Ice Arrive

If you know that a snowstorm is on its way, start preparing your garage door ahead of time. By eliminating any signs of dirt, grease, and debris on or around your door, you are reducing the chance that something detrimental will occur to your door as a result of the storm.

In addition, be sure to thoroughly and safely inspect your garage door for any signs of existing damage. This will give you time to have this damage fixed prior to the storm arriving! Plus, you can also know what harm was caused as a result of the storm and what damage was already in existence.

Clear a Pathway In Front of Your Garage

If it does happen to snow, be sure to shovel all snow in front of your garage and place it away from the door. You don’t want the snow to pile up and freeze in front of your garage door! If that occurs, you’ll have a difficult time getting in and out of your Middle Tennessee home.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate Your Garage Door

With the chilly months, it is common for garage doors and the various parts to freeze up. After you have cleaned your garage door, be sure to buy a garage door lubricant product recommended by the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors, and lubricate the rollers, hinges, tracks and other extra parts. You don’t want your garage door to freeze, rust and/or break this winter!

Have questions about how to take care of your garage door during the cold winter season? The team at Superior Overhead Doors can help!

How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

Although the leaves are slowly changing and the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping, the cold weather is unfortunately on the way. While you still have some time before it gets too chilly, be sure to take this time to understand how the incoming cold weather can affect the functionality of your garage door.

The Garage Door Motor

During the wintertime and bouts of cold weather, your garage door motor has to work harder to open your garage door. Because of this struggle, it is always best to make sure that all parts of your garage door are functioning properly. Remember to check or replace the batteries in your garage door opener. If it is sending a weak signal to your garage door opening system, in combination with the cold weather, you may be in a bit of a situation.

If you are not comfortable checking your garage door yourself, you can always call Superior Overhead Doors. Our technicians will be glad to inspect your garage door, from top to bottom.

Garage Door Sensors

As you know, the garage door sensors are a crucial part of your garage door system. If these sensors have a fog or bit of condensation on them, they will not operate properly. Be sure to clear off any fog or condensation using a soft cloth. In addition, if you have shovels, snow gear or any other items in the path of the sensor, remove these items immediately. A blocked sensor will compromise the integrity and functionality of your garage door and opening system.

Opening System Oil

Your garage door system uses a specific type of oil to help open and close the garage door smoothly. However, when the temperature drops and the oil begins to thicken, you have a problem on your hands. You can either adjust the settings on your garage door system to use more power, purchase lubricant to assist the system, or trust a garage door technician to do both of those services for you!

The garage door technicians at Superior Overhead Doors can assist you with all of your garage door needs during the cold weather. Contact us today for more information!

5 Fun Facts about Garage Doors and Openers

5 Fun Facts about Garage Doors and Openers

Each day you open your garage door and close it once you have exited or entered your home. You do this day in and day out without giving it a second thought. But did you know that garage doors have an exciting and interesting history?

In addition, there are so many interesting facts about garage doors you probably did not know! Keep reading to learn more about garage doors and openers.

Garage Doors Can Be Insulated

As a professional garage door company, we know that garage doors can be insulated, but many of our customers are astonished when they find out that they can do this to their garage door.

If you’re looking to save money each month on your energy bill, insulating your garage door is a great investment. Some states and areas also offer tax breaks for having an insulated garage door!

Your Garage Door Opener Can Save Your Life

Garage door openers have more purpose than opening your garage door. They can also ensure your safety. From keypads to fingerprint activated garage door openers, you have multiple options when considering the safety of your family.

Garage Doors Take Up a Lot of Space!

Well, 25-35% of a home’s front exterior to be exact. Garage doors take up quite a bit of space, so make sure you’re absolutely in love with the appearance of your Middle Tennessee garage door.

Garage Doors Can Help Sell Your Home

If you’re in the process of selling your home or are about to put your home up for sale, you may want to consider installing a brand new garage door. This one investment can increase the value of your home and the overall appearance drastically.

Your Garage Door Can Protect Your Home From Damaging Winds

From torrential winds caused by hurricanes, tornados and more to the random windstorm, your garage door plays a vital role in the protection of your home. There are multiple tested and approved garage doors on the market designed with the intention of protecting your home from damaging winds.

Learn more about garage doors and openers by contacting Superior Overhead Doors today.

Make a Bold Statement with a Contemporary Garage Door

Make a Bold Statement with a Contemporary Garage Door

Are you tired of the traditional look? Ready to take the appearance of your Middle Tennessee home to the next level? If you answered “Yes!” to both of these questions, you should consider installing a contemporary garage door design for your garage.

But why a contemporary garage door?

Stand Out

If you live in a neighborhood where every single house looks the exact same, it may get boring after a while. Instead of settling on a single garage door design, make your garage stand out from the rest with a bold and fresh look for your garage. The combination of multiple styles, materials and designs will allow your garage door to look better than the rest.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you looking to move in the near future? If so, you are most likely looking for ways to improve the value of your home. By replacing your garage door with a sleek, contemporary design, you will in turn watch the overall value of your Middle Tennessee home rise.

With the multitude of contemporary garage door designs available on the market, you can have full control over the design, and thus the increased value of your home. Whether you want to have a simple fix or a large investment, the garage door you choose will assist in raising the value of your home once on the real estate market.

Extend Your Style

Do you have a specific design style or preference? Extend your interior design styles to the exterior of your home through a contemporary garage door. Your design tastes do not need to stay indoors when you choose to use a contemporary garage door!

For contemporary garage door styles and ideas, visit the Amarr Garage Doors website.

To learn more about installing a new garage door for your Middle Tennessee home, contact Superior Overhead Doors today!

What Does A Wire Hanger Have To Do With My Garage?

What Does A Wire Hanger Have To Do With My Garage?

You’ve equipped your entire house with the latest security equipment, made sure that every door is locked and that your family is safe and secure. But did you remember to check out your garage door? Depending on the type of garage door your home currently has, you may be at risk for a burglary.

All The Burglar Needs is a Wire Hanger

Did you know that in a matter of seconds, your garage door can be opened wide by an intruder? All the burglar needs is a simple wire hanger. Check out this video to learn more about just how easy it is for a robber to enter your home through your garage door.

Robbers can enter your home by bending a wire hanger, maneuvering it through the garage door, and pulling on the emergency lever. Shocking, right? You may have never thought about your garage door being used by robbers, but now it’s time to pay attention and take action. No matter how up-to-date or sturdy your garage door is, it is possible for unwanted individuals to enter your home if you do not take action.

Garage Door Locks

If you are ready to invest in the safety of your family, it is worth checking out the multiple garage door lock products on the market. These products will automatically lock your garage door using a deadbolt. This type of product provides another layer of protection to your home.

Affordable Security Methods

As seen in the video, a simple zip-tie can do the trick. By looping the zip-tie around the emergency lever, a wire will not be able to sneak through your garage door and pull the lever to open your door. In addition, it may be best to keep a security camera outside of your garage in case you are truly worried about the security of your home.

If you would like more information on protecting your home and garage door, call the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors in Murfreesboro, Nashville and Smyrna TN. Remember, the first defense is a strong garage door without holes, damage or wear.

Your Garage Door And Storm Season

Your Garage Door And Storm Season

Did you know that your garage door is one of the largest and weakest entrances to your home? If you do not properly secure your garage door when a severe weather threat is issued, you could put your home and your family in grave danger. During a storm, especially in Middle Tennessee, a variety of components can harm your home, garage door, and potentially even your family.


Strong winds, including tornadoes, can cause significant damage to a home. If you have an old garage door or did not properly secure it prior to the storm, there is a possibility of your garage door being completely destroyed. Depending on the strength of the wind, the sturdiness and strength of your garage door, and the structure of your home, there is also the chance that your home could partially collapse if the garage door is completely blown out. Contact the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors in Murfreesboro, TN to discuss your concerns and the state of your garage door during a storm.


Powerful storms can uproot trees, bushes and even carry cars and other objects for lengthy distances. It is entirely possible that flying debris such as branches can be launched into your garage door, therefore damaging the overall structure. If you are concerned about trees, branches, and other objects harming your garage door during a storm, call a garage door specialist to voice your concerns and receive proper instruction.

Is Your Garage Door Damaged?

In the case that your garage door did receive minor or major damage during a rainstorm, tornado or other type of storm, it is crucial that you begin the remodeling process or installation process immediately. If you wait to long, you are jeopardizing the overall integrity of your door and potentially compromising the safety of your family with a wide-open entrance to your home.

When a natural disaster such as a storm occurs and your garage door is damaged, call the professional team of garage door specialists at Superior Overhead Doors.

Is Your Home Protected?

Is your home protected?

Did you know that your home is currently susceptible to theft, break in’s, and more? Robbers and vandals tend to enter homes via the garage door. This is because this is one of the most commonly neglected, and easy to access, areas of a home. Do you know how to protect your family, pets, belongings and household from unwanted intruders? Superior Overhead Doors has you covered.

It’s all about the Installation

Intruders can easily enter your home if your garage door has been improperly installed. From being able to open your garage door with ease, to faulty springs, people can enter your home in a matter of seconds if your garage door is installed poorly. This is why Superior Overhead thoroughly inspects every last detail of our garage door installations, to ensure that your door is properly installed the first time.

Old and Worn Out Garage Doors

Burglars also seek out noticeably old garage doors because these are easy to manipulate and enter. Let’s say the motor in your garage door stopped working properly. Well, all the intruder has to do is lift up your garage door (unless you remembered to lock it) and they can enter your home. If your garage door material is significantly beyond repair, or is easy to break, there’s another way that intruders can enter your home easily.

Lock Your Garage!

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But so many individuals completely forget that they need to lock their garage door. Whether you already have a lock or need to purchase one, this can help enhance the safety of you, your family, and your belongings.

For more information on how a properly installed or repaired garage door can provide elite safety to your family and your home, give the garage door experts at Superior Overhead Doors a call.