Is Your Home Protected?

Is your home protected?

Did you know that your home is currently susceptible to theft, break in’s, and more? Robbers and vandals tend to enter homes via the garage door. This is because this is one of the most commonly neglected, and easy to access, areas of a home. Do you know how to protect your family, pets, belongings and household from unwanted intruders? Superior Overhead Doors has you covered.

It’s all about the Installation

Intruders can easily enter your home if your garage door has been improperly installed. From being able to open your garage door with ease, to faulty springs, people can enter your home in a matter of seconds if your garage door is installed poorly. This is why Superior Overhead thoroughly inspects every last detail of our garage door installations, to ensure that your door is properly installed the first time.

Old and Worn Out Garage Doors

Burglars also seek out noticeably old garage doors because these are easy to manipulate and enter. Let’s say the motor in your garage door stopped working properly. Well, all the intruder has to do is lift up your garage door (unless you remembered to lock it) and they can enter your home. If your garage door material is significantly beyond repair, or is easy to break, there’s another way that intruders can enter your home easily.

Lock Your Garage!

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But so many individuals completely forget that they need to lock their garage door. Whether you already have a lock or need to purchase one, this can help enhance the safety of you, your family, and your belongings.

For more information on how a properly installed or repaired garage door can provide elite safety to your family and your home, give the garage door experts at Superior Overhead Doors a call.