Is Your Garage Door Frozen Shut? Fix That With These Tips.

Is Your Garage Door Frozen Shut? Fix That With These Tips.


Even in Middle Tennessee, the weather can change dramatically at the drop of a dime. During the winter months, it is possible for your garage door to completely freeze to the ground. This will make it difficult to open and shut your door. If mistakenly left open all night during freezing temperatures, your garage door can even freeze while in the open position.

When you need to get your garage door unstuck or unfrozen, use these tips from Superior Overhead Doors.

Inspect Your Garage Door

Even though you may think your garage door is completely frozen, the problem may actually lie within the parts. Sometimes customers call about a frozen garage door only to find out that their springs and other garage door parts have been rusted over or damaged.

Before completing any of the following steps, thoroughly inspect your garage door to ensure that all parts are operational and in good condition.

Disconnect Your Garage Door Operator

Usually, a red cord will be hanging from your operator rail. Refer to your owner’s manual and disconnect the operator. By disconnecting your garage door operator, you are ensuring that your operator will not continue to try and open your garage door, thus causing more damage.

Check The Ice Outside

Go around to the front of your garage door and see if there is an abundance of ice. If this proves to be true, try to chip the ice away from the base of the garage door. Do not try to melt the ice with boiling water. It will just freeze again and you’re back to step one!

Once you’ve gotten rid of the ice, do your best to lift open the garage door. Still not working? Move on to the next step!

Call Superior Overhead Doors

If you’ve tried everything and your garage door still will not open, contact the team of garage door technicians at Superior Overhead Doors as soon as possible. We’ll make sure your door is not damaged and becomes unstuck!