How the Summer Heat Affects Your Garage Door

Sun Above Mountains In a DesertSummers in Middle Tennessee are brutal. All that heat and humidity plus the occasional severe thunderstorm can present quite a few challenges for homeowners. Extreme summer weather can take its toll on your entire garage door system, from the door to the motor. Understanding how the summer weather affects your garage door allows you to be ready for the headaches and be in a better position to fix the problems. 

For any of your Middle Tennessee garage door services this summer, be sure to give the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors a call.

Extreme Heat

You can’t look back on a Middle Tennessee summer without fleeting memories of scorching heat and suffocating humidity. Your garage can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees regularly in the summer, easily pushing your garage door’s electric motor system to the brink. The circuit board inside your garage door opener may not up to the task of operating in such heat. Our technicians are always ready to help if your system is feeling the effects of high heat and humidity. Just call today for an inspection!

Intense Sunlight

A garage that gets a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day can be negatively affected in a couple ways. Obviously, extended periods of direct sunlight will cause a drastic increase in the heat levels of your garage, which combines with the already high temperatures to produce a very extreme environment. Also, the sun’s rays can interfere with your remote opening system. Direct sunlight can trick your opening system into recording an obstruction is in the way, preventing it from closing. 

Severe Storms

Thunderstorms are common in the hot summer months, and the more severe storms can quickly turn into lightning-producing electrical storms before you know it. If lightning strikes near your home during a storm, the chance increases of a power surge which can permanently damage the inner-workings of you garage door opener. This can leave with no choice but to completely replace you garage door opening system. Plugging your garage door opener into a surge protector is a great way to help prevent these power surges from damaging your system, but any existing damage should be treated by a professional. 

While there’s really nothing you can do about the weather, now you know what to expect when the high heat and storms of the summer arrive. If you notice any heat related problems with your garage, call Superior Overhead Doors and have a technician inspect your system today.