Garage Organization: Four Tips to Save Space

Garage Organization: Four Tips to Save Space

Have you found yourself counting down the days until spring? Luckily, there are only a few days left until spring! This means that you need to get started on your spring cleaning if you haven’t already started. This rings especially true if the only thing that fits in your garage is your car. Now is the time to clear out the clutter and get organized. You’ll be sure to enjoy your new and improved garage with these handy tips for organizing your garage this spring.

Tip #1: Clear Space For Storage

First things first, you need to clear out space in your garage so you can start utilizing it. If you have more available space, you could set up a spare pantry and a recycling station. For a second pantry, use a metal office cabinet to store your items and a clipboard attached with a magnet to stay organized/keep an inventory of your supplies. Right beside your new garage pantry, set up a recycling station with the following items:

  • 3 plastic bins – One for plastic, one for metal, and one for glass containers.
  • Wire basket for newspaper – Don’t forget bundling twine.
  • Mobile Platform – Use as a base for your bins and basket. It’s a plus that you’ll be able to move it around.

Tip #2: Tool Wall

Are your tools all over the place in a drawer and difficult to locate? Just think how easy it would be to locate that hammer you’ve been searching for if it had a place of its own. You could create that place by marking the outlines of your tools on your garage wall. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Hang your tools on the wall and trace around them lightly in pencil.
  2. Remove your tools from the wall.
  3. Go over the pencil lines using more visible markers or paint pens. Try to use black for the most visibility.

Tip #3: Hang It Up

With all the loose items rolling around your garage floor, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hang them up? Now you can if you utilize the support posts in your garage. Try installing steel hooks to the posts on both sides to hang up bicycles or any other items that seem to always be laying on the ground. However, if you don’t have any free posts in your garage, you could always consider ceiling-mount hooks. Either way you go, you’ll be able to hang up those items that always seem to be in the way.

Tip #4: Stow Away

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip: hanging it up. If you have various sports equipment with no home, it’s time to think about stowing it away. Try taking a storage chest and using it as a convenient place for your dirty shoes. In addition, add three metal bins to the inside of the storage chest to keep sports equipment organized. To take it a step further, you could designate a bin for each family member or season.

Interested in completely organizing your garage just in time for spring? Contact Superior Overhead Doors of Murfreesboro today so that we can help with all of your garage needs.