How the Summer Heat Affects Your Garage Door

Sun Above Mountains In a DesertSummers in Middle Tennessee are brutal. All that heat and humidity plus the occasional severe thunderstorm can present quite a few challenges for homeowners. Extreme summer weather can take its toll on your entire garage door system, from the door to the motor. Understanding how the summer weather affects your garage door allows you to be ready for the headaches and be in a better position to fix the problems. 

For any of your Middle Tennessee garage door services this summer, be sure to give the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors a call.

Extreme Heat

You can’t look back on a Middle Tennessee summer without fleeting memories of scorching heat and suffocating humidity. Your garage can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees regularly in the summer, easily pushing your garage door’s electric motor system to the brink. The circuit board inside your garage door opener may not up to the task of operating in such heat. Our technicians are always ready to help if your system is feeling the effects of high heat and humidity. Just call today for an inspection!

Intense Sunlight

A garage that gets a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day can be negatively affected in a couple ways. Obviously, extended periods of direct sunlight will cause a drastic increase in the heat levels of your garage, which combines with the already high temperatures to produce a very extreme environment. Also, the sun’s rays can interfere with your remote opening system. Direct sunlight can trick your opening system into recording an obstruction is in the way, preventing it from closing. 

Severe Storms

Thunderstorms are common in the hot summer months, and the more severe storms can quickly turn into lightning-producing electrical storms before you know it. If lightning strikes near your home during a storm, the chance increases of a power surge which can permanently damage the inner-workings of you garage door opener. This can leave with no choice but to completely replace you garage door opening system. Plugging your garage door opener into a surge protector is a great way to help prevent these power surges from damaging your system, but any existing damage should be treated by a professional. 

While there’s really nothing you can do about the weather, now you know what to expect when the high heat and storms of the summer arrive. If you notice any heat related problems with your garage, call Superior Overhead Doors and have a technician inspect your system today.

Garage Organization: Four Tips to Save Space

Garage Organization: Four Tips to Save Space

Have you found yourself counting down the days until spring? Luckily, there are only a few days left until spring! This means that you need to get started on your spring cleaning if you haven’t already started. This rings especially true if the only thing that fits in your garage is your car. Now is the time to clear out the clutter and get organized. You’ll be sure to enjoy your new and improved garage with these handy tips for organizing your garage this spring.

Tip #1: Clear Space For Storage

First things first, you need to clear out space in your garage so you can start utilizing it. If you have more available space, you could set up a spare pantry and a recycling station. For a second pantry, use a metal office cabinet to store your items and a clipboard attached with a magnet to stay organized/keep an inventory of your supplies. Right beside your new garage pantry, set up a recycling station with the following items:

  • 3 plastic bins – One for plastic, one for metal, and one for glass containers.
  • Wire basket for newspaper – Don’t forget bundling twine.
  • Mobile Platform – Use as a base for your bins and basket. It’s a plus that you’ll be able to move it around.

Tip #2: Tool Wall

Are your tools all over the place in a drawer and difficult to locate? Just think how easy it would be to locate that hammer you’ve been searching for if it had a place of its own. You could create that place by marking the outlines of your tools on your garage wall. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Hang your tools on the wall and trace around them lightly in pencil.
  2. Remove your tools from the wall. 
  3. Go over the pencil lines using more visible markers or paint pens. Try to use black for the most visibility.

Tip #3: Hang It Up

With all the loose items rolling around your garage floor, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hang them up? Now you can if you utilize the support posts in your garage. Try installing steel hooks to the posts on both sides to hang up bicycles or any other items that seem to always be laying on the ground. However, if you don’t have any free posts in your garage, you could always consider ceiling-mount hooks. Either way you go, you’ll be able to hang up those items that always seem to be in the way.

Tip #4: Stow Away

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous tip: hanging it up. If you have various sports equipment with no home, it’s time to think about stowing it away. Try taking a storage chest and using it as a convenient place for your dirty shoes. In addition, add three metal bins to the inside of the storage chest to keep sports equipment organized. To take it a step further, you could designate a bin for each family member or season.

Interested in completely organizing your garage just in time for spring? Contact Superior Overhead Doors of Murfreesboro today so that we can help with all of your garage needs.

6 Budget Items to Convert Your Garage Into a Man-Cave

6 Budget Items to Convert Your Garage Into a Man-Cave

Garage doors come in various shapes, sizes, and styles.  The items they protect vary from homeowner to homeowner as well.  Most use their garage for storage of vehicles, their workbench, and their various items.  We at Superior Overhead Doors believe that garages can be used for just about anything, including man-caves.  Don’t have any extra space in the house to convert a room into this sacred area?  With a few budget items, you can cheer for your favorite team in your garage without disturbing the rest of the family when your team scores a touchdown!


home theater

Remember, we are talking budget prices here, but you can always spend more if your budget allows.  The most important item(s) to any man-cave is a TV, or multiple TVs.  The older box/tube TVs can be great for those on a budget.  If you scroll through Craigslist or similar sites you can often get these for $20 or less, often free.  You can place four of them side-by-side, with game systems on two and live games on the other.  This will please you and your guests while spending very little, if anything.


Used couches, chairs, tables, and bargain furniture would be perfect additions to your man-cave.  Search through Facebook or other social media platforms to see if friends and family are trying to part ways with their furniture.  Again, scroll through Craigslist and you may find some hidden gems for cheap that would fit perfectly with the box TVs you already picked up.  If you can’t find couches for cheap, consider camping chairs.  They are cheap, comfy, and include a cup holder that will be valued on game day.

Space Heaters

If you are a football fan, you may have to brave the winter months out in the man-cave.  With a few space heaters, you will be able to heat your garage efficiently and affordably.  Place two in the center of the room 15 minutes before game time, and you and your guests will be enjoying kickoff in a comfortable environment.

Makeshift Bar

If you can find a bar/table for cheap on resale sites, add that to your man-cave.  Whether you are serving sodas or adult beverages, it will help give your garage that man-cave feel.  If you can’t find an actual bar, consider building your own small bar, or purchasing a table and treating it as such.  Buy a mini-fridge to complement the table in an accessible location and you will never miss a play to get a refill.


Nothing says man-cave like wall flags and pennants.  If you scroll through Craigslist or eBay, you can get incredible deals on sports decorations.  On eBay, you can find 3’x5’ flags for $5-$20 depending on the seller.  Add a couple of those to the walls and you’re room will be decked out in your favorite colors for a reasonable price.  If you get camping chairs for furniture, consider getting your favorite team’s branded chairs to impress your guests and let them know which team they must cheer for upon entry.

The Perfect Garage Door

No garage man-cave is complete without the perfect garage door. If you’re hosting friends and family for the big game or for a movie night, you don’t want your old, broken down garage door to let heat out or distract from the ambiance of the room! When you need a brand new garage door, you know where to find the largest selection of doors in all of Murfreesboro, TN — Superior Overhead Doors.

A man-cave is every guy’s dream, and with a few smart purchases, you could convert your garage into a sports safe haven.   You can even surprise your fans by opening your new garage door to your newly furnished man-cave.  Research prices, decorate appropriately, and sit back by 6:59 so you don’t miss the 7 o’clock games.

Interested in investing in a new front door to your newly designed man-cave?  Contact Superior Overhead Doors of Murfreesboro for your garage door needs!

3 Ways to Transform Your Garage

3 Ways to Transform Your Garage


Commonly, the garage is used for either parking the car or storing household items. However, there’s so much you can do with your garage! Try turning your garage into one of these functional options.

Game Room

Looking for a place for your friends and family to hang out and have a little friendly competition? Turn your spacious garage into a game room! Adding a billiards table, a place for the latest gaming systems and entertainment options, and whatever game options you desire, will turn your garage from boring to exciting in no time.

An In-Home Gym

Gyms around the Middle Tennessee area can get expensive. Instead of spending money on a monthly gym membership, install cardio and weight machines in your garage along with free weights. To capitalize on your in-home gym, be sure to remodel the inside of your garage to best suit your exercise needs and goals. For instance, you can add mirrors along one wall of your garage. These mirrors will help you work on your form and visualize your health and fitness progress!

An Extra Bedroom

If you constantly have guests staying over at your home for extended periods of time, you can transform your garage into a spacious guest room. When renovating your garage choose flooring and other materials that are designed keep heat in, and choose interior design trends that make your garage appear larger than reality.  

Choose the Perfect Garage Door

When you’re transforming your garage into a brand new room, keep in mind that the type of garage door you choose will have an affect on the atmosphere and design of your room. Superior Overhead Doors offers a wide variety of garage door styles, brands and products for you to use. Contact us to learn more about our garage door selection and to start transforming your garage today.

3 Garage Door Myths You Should Never Believe

3 Garage Door Myths You Should Never Believe


When you are in the market for a new garage door, it is important to do your research. Unfortunately, there are multiple myths circulating about garage door operations, brands and repair techniques. During your garage door research, have you come across the following myths? If so, don’t believe them!

Every Single Garage Door Does The Same Thing

This statement is generically correct, as all garage doors protect your home and belongings. On the other hand, each type and brand of garage door offers unique features and benefits for your home. When looking for a new garage door, seek out advice from a professional garage door technician. These experts know the pros and cons of each garage door style and brand, and will have all the answers you need!

Garage Door Repairs Are Easy to Complete

Have you ever successfully repaired a heavily damaged garage door and operational system? If your answer is no, step away from the garage door. Garage door repairs can be incredibly dangerous if you do not have the necessary experience.

Repairing a garage door requires an elite amount of knowledge and experience. Garage door technicians are highly specialized and thoroughly understand the complex nature of each garage door. They not only know how to properly fix your garage door, they are able to do it in a timely manner. When in doubt, call your local garage door company to take care of your repair needs.

Garage Doors Require Little to No Maintenance

This myth is wrong on so many levels! Just like any home appliance or piece of equipment, your garage door will need regular maintenance and inspections in order to operate properly. It is in your best interest to ensure that your garage door operates perfectly all year round.

Superior Overhead Doors is Middle Tennessee’s choice for garage door repairs, replacement and additional services. Instead of believing these myths, contact our professional garage door technicians today!

Entertain Your Family and Friends With a Garage Party!

Entertain Your Family and Friends With a Garage Party!


Did you know that garages can be used for activities other than storing old items and a place for your vehicle? In fact, garage parties with family and friends are all the rage! All you have to do is clean and organize your garage, set it up for your party and you’re all set to go.

Why Should I Host A Garage Party?

Everyone loves a fun party! But parties in your living room, kitchen or patio can get old after a while. When you choose to host the party in your garage, you’ll notice just how much fun your family and friends are having.

Garages are spacious and offer room for dancing, games, hanging out with friends, catering opportunities and so much more. Plus, with all that space, you’ll have enough room to put up as many decorations as you want! For instance, try hosting your next Halloween party in the garage and turn it into a haunted house with all the space you have for decorations.

What You’ll Need For Your Garage Party

In order to host an exciting garage party, you’ll first need to decide whether or not you want your garage door to be open or closed. Depending on the season, having the garage door open will expand the party to the driveway and add a nice breeze. If your party is in the winter, be sure to close the garage door and add any space heaters if necessary.

Remember to have plenty of food for your guests to enjoy. Whether you choose to have your event assisted by a professional catering company or supply the food yourself, the food options will be a prime focus of your party!

Don’t forget to add music too. Try and find a type of music that adds to the ambiance of the party and doesn’t distract your guests.

Need a New Garage Door?

Is your garage door damaged or beyond repair? You can’t throw a garage party with an old and dirty garage door. Let Superior Overhead Doors replace or repair your garage door so you can host an awesome garage party!

Should You Have a Unique Garage Door Design?

Should You Have a Unique Garage Door Design?

Many homeowners bypass thinking about their garage door. But did you know that a unique garage door design can actually improve the value of your home in the long run? Those looking to buy a home are beginning to take the quality and design of a garage door into consideration prior to putting an offer down on a home. If your garage door looks like it barely survived a storm or was created back in the ancient times, perhaps it is time to completely replace your current door with a unique and stunning garage door design.

Modern Garage Door Style

If your home has had the same exact garage door and design since the original owners moved in, you absolutely need to update your garage door. Many homeowners are choosing a modern appearance to not only protect their home from weather elements and store their vehicles, but also attract potential homebuyers.


Rustic Is In Too

Did you know that you can have a gorgeous, rustic looking garage door, and have the superior quality of a new garage door? This garage door design by Amarr does exactly that. Your home and items will be protected and your garage door appearance will be absolutely jaw dropping.


How About Something Completely Unique?

In addition to rustic, classic and modern designs, you can try adding a completely unique design to your garage door. Whether you opt for a garage door art appearance, or a contemporary and sharp look such as this design by Amarr, your garage door will be drawing in potential homebuyers from all over.


If you’d like to add any of these unique garage door designs to your Murfreesboro home, give the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors a call! We can help you install, replace and even repair your garage door. Contact us today by calling 615.394.6670.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Works Properly This Winter!

Make Sure Your Garage Door Works Properly This Winter!


Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way. With the chilly winds and the potential for crazy snow and ice, not many people enjoy the winter season. Your garage door doesn’t enjoy the winter either! If you’d like your garage door to work properly all winter long, use these maintenance tips to ensure that you don’t run into costly repairs during the chilly months.

Inspect and Clean Your Garage Door Before The Snow and Ice Arrive

If you know that a snowstorm is on its way, start preparing your garage door ahead of time. By eliminating any signs of dirt, grease, and debris on or around your door, you are reducing the chance that something detrimental will occur to your door as a result of the storm.

In addition, be sure to thoroughly and safely inspect your garage door for any signs of existing damage. This will give you time to have this damage fixed prior to the storm arriving! Plus, you can also know what harm was caused as a result of the storm and what damage was already in existence.

Clear a Pathway In Front of Your Garage

If it does happen to snow, be sure to shovel all snow in front of your garage and place it away from the door. You don’t want the snow to pile up and freeze in front of your garage door! If that occurs, you’ll have a difficult time getting in and out of your Middle Tennessee home.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate Your Garage Door

With the chilly months, it is common for garage doors and the various parts to freeze up. After you have cleaned your garage door, be sure to buy a garage door lubricant product recommended by the professionals at Superior Overhead Doors, and lubricate the rollers, hinges, tracks and other extra parts. You don’t want your garage door to freeze, rust and/or break this winter!

Have questions about how to take care of your garage door during the cold winter season? The team at Superior Overhead Doors can help!

3 Decorative Garage Door Accents Your Home Needs

3 Decorative Garage Door Accents Your Home Needs

Are you growing tired of your garage door? Have you been thinking about trading it in for a newer, brighter and different style garage door? Replacing your garage door can cost quite a bit of money. Instead, why not give your garage door a makeover with these three decorative accent options!

Garage Door Handle Options

Even if you do not own a garage door that operates by hand, handles still add a rustic and elegant touch to the design of your door. Handles come in all shapes, sizes and styles. From a fleur-de-lis design with a black tint, to a straight and narrow brown handle, there’s a decorative handle for your garage door that exceeds your expectations.

Garage Door Windows

Similar to handles, windows for your Murfreesboro garage door are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and even price. You can change out the type of glass and trim to meet your direct style needs or even functionality purposes. Many homeowners choose to have insulated windows with the intent of reducing their energy costs each month. Other homeowners choose decorative garage door windows with a focus on various shapes and colors. No matter which window option you choose, your garage door will radiate your decorative style!

Garage Door Hinge Styles

Typically placed on the sides of your garage door, in between the horizontal panels, decorative garage door hinges are another great way to add style to your home! These garage door accents can usually be purchased as a set with your handles, or separately depending on your personal style choice. It is in your best interest to have your handles and hinges either match or complement each other.

Whether you choose to completely replace your garage door or use these decorative accents to spice up the appearance of your garage door, Superior Overhead Doors can help! Our professional technicians can assist with all of your garage door needs, from installation to repair. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

How Cold Weather Affects Your Garage Door

Although the leaves are slowly changing and the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping, the cold weather is unfortunately on the way. While you still have some time before it gets too chilly, be sure to take this time to understand how the incoming cold weather can affect the functionality of your garage door.

The Garage Door Motor

During the wintertime and bouts of cold weather, your garage door motor has to work harder to open your garage door. Because of this struggle, it is always best to make sure that all parts of your garage door are functioning properly. Remember to check or replace the batteries in your garage door opener. If it is sending a weak signal to your garage door opening system, in combination with the cold weather, you may be in a bit of a situation.

If you are not comfortable checking your garage door yourself, you can always call Superior Overhead Doors. Our technicians will be glad to inspect your garage door, from top to bottom.

Garage Door Sensors

As you know, the garage door sensors are a crucial part of your garage door system. If these sensors have a fog or bit of condensation on them, they will not operate properly. Be sure to clear off any fog or condensation using a soft cloth. In addition, if you have shovels, snow gear or any other items in the path of the sensor, remove these items immediately. A blocked sensor will compromise the integrity and functionality of your garage door and opening system.

Opening System Oil

Your garage door system uses a specific type of oil to help open and close the garage door smoothly. However, when the temperature drops and the oil begins to thicken, you have a problem on your hands. You can either adjust the settings on your garage door system to use more power, purchase lubricant to assist the system, or trust a garage door technician to do both of those services for you!

The garage door technicians at Superior Overhead Doors can assist you with all of your garage door needs during the cold weather. Contact us today for more information!