6 Budget Items to Convert Your Garage Into a Man-Cave

6 Budget Items to Convert Your Garage Into a Man-Cave

Garage doors come in various shapes, sizes, and styles.  The items they protect vary from homeowner to homeowner as well.  Most use their garage for storage of vehicles, their workbench, and their various items.  We at Superior Overhead Doors believe that garages can be used for just about anything, including man-caves.  Don’t have any extra space in the house to convert a room into this sacred area?  With a few budget items, you can cheer for your favorite team in your garage without disturbing the rest of the family when your team scores a touchdown!


home theater

Remember, we are talking budget prices here, but you can always spend more if your budget allows.  The most important item(s) to any man-cave is a TV, or multiple TVs.  The older box/tube TVs can be great for those on a budget.  If you scroll through Craigslist or similar sites you can often get these for $20 or less, often free.  You can place four of them side-by-side, with game systems on two and live games on the other.  This will please you and your guests while spending very little, if anything.


Used couches, chairs, tables, and bargain furniture would be perfect additions to your man-cave.  Search through Facebook or other social media platforms to see if friends and family are trying to part ways with their furniture.  Again, scroll through Craigslist and you may find some hidden gems for cheap that would fit perfectly with the box TVs you already picked up.  If you can’t find couches for cheap, consider camping chairs.  They are cheap, comfy, and include a cup holder that will be valued on game day.

Space Heaters

If you are a football fan, you may have to brave the winter months out in the man-cave.  With a few space heaters, you will be able to heat your garage efficiently and affordably.  Place two in the center of the room 15 minutes before game time, and you and your guests will be enjoying kickoff in a comfortable environment.

Makeshift Bar

If you can find a bar/table for cheap on resale sites, add that to your man-cave.  Whether you are serving sodas or adult beverages, it will help give your garage that man-cave feel.  If you can’t find an actual bar, consider building your own small bar, or purchasing a table and treating it as such.  Buy a mini-fridge to complement the table in an accessible location and you will never miss a play to get a refill.


Nothing says man-cave like wall flags and pennants.  If you scroll through Craigslist or eBay, you can get incredible deals on sports decorations.  On eBay, you can find 3’x5’ flags for $5-$20 depending on the seller.  Add a couple of those to the walls and you’re room will be decked out in your favorite colors for a reasonable price.  If you get camping chairs for furniture, consider getting your favorite team’s branded chairs to impress your guests and let them know which team they must cheer for upon entry.

The Perfect Garage Door

No garage man-cave is complete without the perfect garage door. If you’re hosting friends and family for the big game or for a movie night, you don’t want your old, broken down garage door to let heat out or distract from the ambiance of the room! When you need a brand new garage door, you know where to find the largest selection of doors in all of Murfreesboro, TN — Superior Overhead Doors.

A man-cave is every guy’s dream, and with a few smart purchases, you could convert your garage into a sports safe haven.   You can even surprise your fans by opening your new garage door to your newly furnished man-cave.  Research prices, decorate appropriately, and sit back by 6:59 so you don’t miss the 7 o’clock games.

Interested in investing in a new front door to your newly designed man-cave?  Contact Superior Overhead Doors of Murfreesboro for your garage door needs!