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Since 1994 Superior Overhead Doors, Inc. has been family owned and
operated by Randall and Russ Stover.

Randall and Russ Stover have a combined 40+ years of experience in the garage door operator industry. Self-taught and hard working, the Stovers have built a reputable company based on a solid work ethic, great dedication to customer service and desire to provide the Middle Tennessee area with quality garage doors and openers.


Garage door repair, Garage door installation in Murfreesboro, TN

Our service and installation technicians are highly trained professionals who are able to service and repair any garage door and opener make and model. No matter what your garage door or opener needs may be, the reliable service and installation team at Superior Overhead Doors, Inc. will have the solution.

We believe that highly knowledgeable and motivated technicians who are conscientious of appearance and demeanor are the cornerstones of our business. Our elite level of service and can-do attitude is what we are known for throughout the state. In addition, we are also licensed Home Improvement Contractors.

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Superior Overhead Doors, Inc. first opened its doors when Russ Stover
set up shop in central Ohio.

In January of 1996, his younger brother Randy joined Russ and opened his own garage door company location in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Over the next four years, Superior Overhead Doors, Inc., experienced rapid growth in both Ohio and Tennessee locations. This prompted the sale of its Ohio shop and a merger into one location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Through this unwavering commitment, Superior Overhead Doors, Inc. has become one of the largest garage door companies in the area with a strong and loyal contractor, residential and commercial customer base.

In addition to the Murfreesboro area, Superior Overhead Doors, Inc., also services Smyrna TN, LaVergne TN, Nashville TN, Franklin TN and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area. When it comes to knowledgeable and highly motivated garage door technicians and staff, Superior Overhead Doors, Inc., will make certain your “Satisfaction is Guaranteed.”

We’re here to help you with garage door repair and installation services. Whether you need a new garage door, repairs, or a garage door opener installation, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss various aspects related to garage doors to assist you with your needs.

Garage Door Replacement Cost

If you’re considering replacing your garage door, you might wonder about the cost. The price of a garage door replacement can vary depending on factors such as size, material, insulation, and additional features. It is best to contact a reputable overhead door company for an accurate estimate. They will evaluate your specific requirements and provide you with an appropriate cost estimation.

Overhead Door Company

An overhead door company specializes in the installation and repair of garage doors. They have the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle a wide range of garage door-related issues. When selecting an overhead door company, look for one that is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation in the Murfreesboro area.

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you’re tired of manually opening and closing your garage door, installing a garage door opener can make your life easier. A garage door opener is a device that automates the opening and closing process. It is important to choose a suitable opener based on the weight and size of your garage door. Hiring a professional to handle the garage door opener installation ensures it is done correctly and safely.

Roller Door Repairs

Roller doors are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their convenience and space-saving design. However, over time, they may require repairs. If you notice any issues with your roller door, such as sticking, grinding, or unusual noises, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Trained technicians can diagnose and repair roller door problems efficiently.

Replacement Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning and cannot be repaired, a replacement may be necessary. A new garage door opener will enhance the security and convenience of your garage. When selecting a replacement, consider factors like horsepower, safety features, and compatibility with your garage door. Seeking guidance from an overhead door company will ensure you choose the right replacement garage door opener for your needs.

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